9:30 AM Sunday Adult Discussion Group

Please see "This Week in the Meeting" for details.  

"All Church Reads" Book Discussion Groups open to all interested persons are held in the spring and fall each year.

    Sunday Worship     Services via Zoom

Worship at 10:30 A.M. 

At West Branch Friends we believe that every person is equally beloved by God,

no matter what!


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A few of our worship leaders 7-25-21: Pastor Chris, Pianist Elaine, Clerk of Ministry and Counsel Jim, Clerk of Monthly Meeting Gwen, and Tech Committee member and Zoom Host Maxine.

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Monthly Newsletters

West Branch Friends Church

116 N. Downey Street, P.O. Box 153, West Branch Iowa 52358


As part of the Society of Friends, we seek to let our lives speak our commitment to Quaker values:

Simplicity: Friends believe that the most important things in life aren't things.

Peace: Friends believe there is always a path that brings peace, justice, dignity, and respect.

Equality: Friends believe that every person is equally loved by God, no matter what.

Stewardship: Friends believe that all God's gifts are entrusted to us for the sake of future generations.

Integrity: Friends believe that our words and actions must reflect our truest selves.

Community: Friends believe that we need each other, since each and every one of us is precious in our community.

This Week in the Meeting

September 12-19, 2021

Sunday: (9-12): 10:30 AM Worship at the

        Meeting House (Gathering Music at 10:20 AM)

     11:45 Monthly Meeting for Business

Monday: (9-13) 9:30 AM Prayer Group

Tuesday: (9-14) 7 PM Endowment Committee

​​Sunday: (9-19): 10:30 AM Worship at the Meeting House (Gathering Music at 10:20AM)

In respect of others, please wear a mask and social distance while in the meeting house; if you'd like to be a part of worship via zoom, please contact Jim Glasson: