Report from Hoover's Hometown  Days:

by Gwen Senio

Saturday's booth sponsored by Humans for Racial Justice Group, initiated through our Peace and Social Concerns Committee, was well received.  People seemed to enjoy putting pins in the map showing where they are from, enjoying free cotton candy, cookies from other nations, coins from other countries, A number of the visitors thanked us.  We had a few leave contact information and there were lots of fun conversations and folks that we met from interesting places.  All in all,  we were pleased. 

Pie and Ice Cream went well, too.  We had plenty of everything - pie, ice cream, and helpers.  We didn't have as big a turn out as usual but neither did Hooverball, so it may have been Covid related, the year away, etc. 

We all hope 2022 will allow us to return to the hymn sing and pie and ice cream in it's entirety in the meeting house!

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Please note: Monthly Meeting for Business will be held on the second Sunday, September 12, this month rather than the regular third Sunday date.








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​​​​This Week's Birthdays:

September 14: Marilyn Vincent

September 16: Brantley Alvarez

September 25: Lyn Kane



And Anniversaries:

September 14: Teresa and Allan Winder

September 15: Dustin and Cassey Bowers

September 22: Jim Glasson and Kathleen