Why Visit West Branch Friends Church?

What image comes to your mind when you hear 'West Branch Friends Church'? Or maybe someone says 'that Quaker Church' and you wonder what goes on in a Quaker church. 

COVID really changed Sunday morning church services for many. Almost all churches were closed for meeting in person, but many still offered a chance for worship via Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook. But now that we have opened our buildings for gathering together once again, we are hoping you might consider visiting West Branch Friends for worship some Sunday. 

In fact, ministry and counsel members have created a flyer we hope to send to everyone with a West Branch mailing address. It will share a little more about what we are all about and we hope it will give some of you a desire to join us in worship some Sunday and meet some amazing Quakers at work!

Worship is at 10:25 for gathering music, and there will be Children's Church for children. If you're new to West Branch, or lived here for years but don't have a church family, why not check us out....we think you'll love our welcoming and accepting congregation!

Here is the flyer we have created for anyone interested in learning more about our church.


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​As previously reported, West Branch Friends Church had a desire to raise funds to help the Domestic Violence Intervention Program at https://dvipiowa.org/ due to a $100,000 funding shortfall. Our goal was to raise $1000, with a $1000 in matching funds available to add to the total. Through collections from meeting members, on-line contributions, and donations at the Hymn Sing and Pie and Ice Cream Social, over $3,000 was raised! Thanks to each of you who contributed to this worthy operation to help anyone needing support due to domestic violence.






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   This Month's Birthdays:


   September 1-Suzanne Wedeking

  September 4-Teddy Bowers

   September 6- John Yapp and 

                            Morgan Draiocht

   September 7- Brent Waters

   September 8-Ben Bowers

  September 16-Brantley Alvarez

   September 25-Lyn Kane

   September 29-Geery Howe and

                                Joseph Cermak

   September 30-Caleb Dlouhy



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​                Anniversaries

    September 14: Allan and Teresa Winder

   September 15: Dustin and Cassey Bowers

   September 22: Jim Glasson and

                                 Kathleen Darling