A Thanksgiving Moment to Consider

​                "If the Table Could Speak"

                        by Joyce Rupp

what would the tables where we dine

tell us if they were able to speak, 

what  tales would they reveal -

whispered secrets, gossipy truths, 

stories easily sprouted and morphed

troubles told with anguished worry,

pain laid bare with hope of easement,

tears flowing like puddles of rain,

salty sorrow from grieving hearts

giggles, chuckles, and sassy sniggers,

resurrected  recalls of previous pranks,

laughter so brassy and raucous

the table's legs rattled with glee

and, oh, the kinds of food and drink

laid upon the welcoming space,

lavish festivities, cauldrons of joy,

and, yes, the days fraught with paucity,

those grim remnants of greenish leftovers

if the table were allowed to speak,

listeners would most certainly learn 

of treasured delights and savored fun--

assorted pets circling the table to beg

small children hiding out beneath

to seek their solitude and play

and, yes, the table would have complaints,

tired of pastry crumbs and coffee splotches,

sticky fingerprints, torn-off bread crusts,

emptied soda cans, foul-smelling beer bottles,

dying tea bags left to gasp alone in their cups

how strange it must seem to a faith table

when folks gather for a Thanksgiving meal

to never consider a pause to be grateful

for that flattened ledge they name as table--

the silent, inert gift that never stops listening,

the one willing to bear what's placed upon it

always available for another hearty laugh

or one more telling of a length tale







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