Hymns, Pie and Ice Cream Return!

(Plus an opportunity to support DVIP (Domestic Violence Intervention Program)! See Below

As part of Hoover Hometown Days, once again any and all are invited to celebrate singing many of the old familiar hymns in front of the meeting house followed by the delicious home-made pies with ice cream provided by the meeting members who are known for their great pie-baking skills! 

Please consider joining all of those gathered for the festivities on:

           Saturday, August 6

              6:00 PM

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​West Branch Friends Church is raising funds to help the Domestic Violence Program at https://dvipiowa.org/ help raise funds due to a $100,000 funding shortfall. We have a goal or raising $1000 with  $1000 in matching funds available to add to the total. This campaign will culminate at the Hymn Sing/ Pie and Ice Cream Social during Hoover's Hometown Days . You can be part of this campaign by giving at https://bit.ly/hoover22 or texting HOOVER22 to 44-321









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   This Month's Birthdays:


   August 1: Jon Hinkhouse

  August 7: Taliaia Charlston

   August 11: Deborah Suess

   August 12: Abe Scott and

                        Jackie Rasmussen

   August 13: Dustin Bowers

  August 23: Mynor Meren

   August 27: Eddie Starr

   August 31: Cassey Bowers and

                   Sue McCracken



​           ​​​​ 

​                Anniversaries

    August 8: Mynor and Katy Meren


   August 10: Joel and Alisha Jeddeloh

   August 14: Jeff and Max Koepp

   August 18: Bob and Theresa Arn

   August 24: Ryan and Lauren Bowers

​   August 27: Al Bohanan and Sally Peck