Gathering Breakfast!

On March 26 at 9:00 AM Ministry and Counsel will be hosting a breakfast to wrap up last falls' three listening sessions.  Some of the goals of the listening sessions were to assess West Branch Friends Meeting, both past and present, and lay the groundwork for being a church that desires to offer both meaningful gatherings for worship, as well as the goal of  nurturing our faith to make a difference for the citizens of West Branch.

Please come join us for breakfast casseroles, pastries, juice, coffee and fellowship! 








If you'd like to learn more about West Branch Friends, please take a look at a recent flyer prepared for anyone interested in learning more:

Flyer: WBF - June 2022

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   This Month's Birthdays:


   March 11: Jon Tippin 

  March 13: Ryan Bowers

  March 14: Rob Hinkhouse

  March 18: Samantha Rozinek    

  March 20: Julie Tallman

  March 21: Donna Hemingway

                    Janet Espensen

   March 22: Carolyn Hansen           

  March 23: Robin Jindrich-Cecil

  March 26: Otto Jeddeloh

  March 27: Stan Hinkhouse

​  March 28: Ed English

  March 29: Al Bohannan

  March 30: Carolyn Meisner









​           ​​Anniversaries

         None this month