This Month's Birthdays:


December 4: Matt Scott and

                           Liberty English

   December 6: Tanya English

  December 12: Larry Reiner and

                            Kathleen Darling

   December 16: Ben Clark

   December 19: Dusty Cermak

   December 24: Doug Rasmussen

   December 25: Katy Meren Fuchtman

   December 29: Jane Cadwallader Howe





​           ​​​​ 

​                Anniversaries

         December 26: Ed and Tanya








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Christmas Past Meeting


        December 2nd and 3rd

Friday evening: 

   7 PM: Bell Choir Concert 

Saturday morning: 

8:30 AM: Free Breakfast in the meeting house basement. All are welcomed!

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A Surprise Guest Welcomes Pastor Chris to Help Celebrate her Recent Recording as a Society of Friends Pastor

Margaret Fell (aka Kathleen Darling) welcomed Chris and her recent recording as a Society of Friends pastor with a wonderful presentation of the importance of being a member of the Society of Friends. Chris was surprised by the recognition (and the presence of her invited family members) and was awarded a certificate highlighting her recording which was signed by all members present in meeting for worship.

Following the worship service a reception was held in the church basement. Congratulations on your achievement, Chris!

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